One place to gather, find &

discover information from

every service you use.

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Information that matters to you.

Quickly find what you saw.
Easily discover what you missed.

You take the time to Like, Favorite, heart and star; but can't find them later. You unplug for a short time but worry about what you may miss. Haystaq solves these problems for you.

Filter and find.

Countless combinations of filter and search options enable you to quickly find specifically what you are looking for within your information.

Never miss what matters to you.

Haystaq gathers and discovers everything you want behind-the-scenes. Whether it is something you hand-picked or something you didn’t see, Haystaq has it waiting for you.

Automatic and personalized organization.

Haystaq automatically organizes everything and alerts you when something new awaits. You're free to further organize what was captured by tagging, grouping or attaching notes.
“Every service you use” means social, music, photos, bookmarks and an ever-growing list to choose from. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pocket, LinkedIn, Beats Music and more, all in one place.
Connecting every service you use with Haystaq

Bring it all together.

Stay current without spending the time to check each service you use. Find specific information without needing to remember where it came from. Create your one-of-a-kind Haystaq, made from the services you use and the information you want.

No Change Necessary. It works for you.

While you continue using the features of your favorite services and apps, behind the scenes Haystaq scours them to gather what you flagged and discover what you missed.

Every service in one place.

Whether you Like photos on Instagram, Favorite Tweets, capture items in Pocket, use LinkedIn, heart or star music, or keep up with an RSS reader - Haystaq is for you. We are actively adding services, so if you don’t see one you use, just let us know.

I created Haystaq because I grew frustrated by losing Favorites in the endless Twitter stream and forgetting where I had bookmarked, Liked, Hearted or saved something. I was increasingly wasting time checking services to be sure I didn’t miss anything and trying to see my data in useful ways.

Our goal is to save you time, enhance your experience and make Haystaq your one source to find and discover information you care about, from every service you use.

Your permanent collection.

Once you connect a service to Haystaq, your information is archived. It doesn’t matter if the original author closes their account, or if you leave a service. Once in Haystaq, the information you selected is available to you.

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